wendy purcell

Technology: A Necessary Evil?

Wendy Purcell


Anyone and everyone uses technology in one way or another, hereby technology implying the use of new ways, ideas and processes to improve on the activity in question. Innovation is the literally the backbone of technology.

Although, some people are resistant to change and would rather go on a hunger strike only to prevent any technological change in their surroundings, technology has proven to be one of the most inevitable things that cannot be stopped by anything. Wendy Purcell agrees on this, since having conducted several researches on toxicology, immunology, and pharmacology and so on; she has contributed a big deal on helping people understand and appreciate the role of technology in the world that were are living today. They, the non-conformists to change do probably make a lot of sense since technology does not only improve our lives, but it comes with a price. It may bring about luxury, comfort and ease of work but the same technology is the cause of global warming, wars hence mass deaths and unemployment, which are just but a few mentions of its pros and cons.

Merits of Technology

  1. Whether you are a non-conformist to change or not, you have to agree it has bettered the living standards due to the prevention of diseases and creation of medicinal drugs that cure or help fight the health discrepancies one may be experiencing. Improved world class laboratories have improved the learning and hence understanding of human body functioning. Scholars and researchers such as Wendy Purcell who have mastered in this field have made great strides. Hence, the continuation is assured and the next student can be as great as the last.
  2. Being a wide term, technology is an art that is applied and seen in more than 1field. From engineering of means of transport that have brought about speed hence time-saving, to architectural improvement bringing about better housing.
  3. Whether it is from the state level to the international economy, technology is definitely responsible for the valuing of assets, to international trade. Advanced economies have world class technology while undeveloped countries’ technology is poor. Technology helps grow a country’s capability to increase its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and maintain a steady growth of its economy.
  4. Communication might be best stride of technology. Having come from messengers who were chosen from body fitness to literally a ‘touch’ away due to the new smartphone technology.
  5. Farm produce has improved probably a thousand fold. Invention of pesticides, discovery of fertilizers and study of soils and their features has improved the agricultural sector in ways that are only positive.

Demerits of Technology

  1. The introduction of new machinery not only fastens the production process but also makes the human labor of not much importance. Due to this it has encouraged the vices in the society, e.g. prostitution, robbery, drug abuse, etc.
  2. Global warming. It can be described as the destruction of the ozone layer which prevents ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering the earth. The radiation causes skin cancer on humans, abnormality in plants and the melting of the glaciers hence increasing water percentage all over the world.
  3. Yes, more cancer. You would think the aim of it all was cancer. From the introduction of radioactive materials in bombs and labs to manufacturing of gadgets that use gamma rays bring about skin cancer and/or even brain tumors.
  4. Technology is essential, but it requires too many finances to keep up with the fast developing world.
  5. Technology has improved on the weaponry the world over. From just spears and arrows before the 13th century to the invention of guns, in the 13th century, to nuclear bombs in the present day. Mass deaths are being registered more than what you would have called usual. And, of course, this has increased the acts of terrorism due to access of firearms.

How to Cope With Trending Technology

Whether it’s a choice to adopt, to accept or to use modern technology, it is certainly out of the question if anyone should live in caves or stay uninformed of the day to day news of the world over.

Before anything else the new ideas should be tested for short term and long terms effects on human beings in any way. Safety is a precaution many ignore only to face the disaster caused thereafter.

Mass communication is always the next step once it has been approved. Once the public has information on what is new, how to use and how it improves their lifestyles, they feel safer using the new technology. This might be expensive but is a safer precaution that is better than a manual that users never read. Although, education is an essential need and nothing is harder than teaching a baby how to run without them having learnt how to crawl first. Learning the basics of everything first, then specializing is the way to go. Taking an example of a role model figure, Wendy Purcell, mentioned earlier who has an exceptional education profile. Having a world with educated as the average man is a major benefit to technology, since generations to come will have a positive attitude towards development and hence growth at faster rates.

Government intervention is also a very important aspect to technology in use or those underway. It is responsible for making sure:

  • The project does not affect life in any negative way.
  • Prices are stable and the people are not being taken advantage of.
  • Funding and encouraging innovation to interested parties. For example, the manufacturing of medicinal should not be funded by any individual person and laboratories to perform these experiments should also be government facilities with world class equipment.

I would love to add the need for an association that makes sure there is safety internationally and persecutes terrorist acts and acts of war, but there is one. All the same, the world is not yet a safe place, acts of terrorism, ownership and manufacturing or weapons of mass destruction for obviously ‘meaningful’ reasons are still rampant. Better ways to handle disputes, other than war are not unknown to us. The UN is a worldwide known organization that takes the function of world security and has made great strides in stopping disputes among rivalry member states.

Having divided into branches such as UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and so on, have made significant positive impacts in their respective fields.

Science and engineering are probably the two closest or rather related terms to technology. From engineering a turbine engine for power, to discovering and exploration of outer space, all come down to the strides of technology. In conclusion, technology is a necessity in our day to day lives. From calling your mom, to driving to work, to entertainment, it’s what surrounds us and what we do day in day out. We might not control or reverse the effects of technology so far, but we can definitely control our present and future acts in our strides in technology.