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Mobile Technology in 2015: What to Expect

Wendy Purcell

Even though there haven’t been many discoveries in the recent past in the technology world, people have modified the existing technology to achieve even more. Technologists like Wendy Purcell believe that every year, there is something new in the technology world.

Android Lollipop

Android 5, known as android Lollipop was unveiled in November last year by Google. This android version presents a great interface and new features that enable smartphone users to do more with their devices. Most of the handsets do not have Android Lollipop as it takes the initiative of individual phone manufacturers to install the android version in their new devices.

However, it is expected that more and more devices to be launched in 2015 will have Android Lollipop.

Android 5-5.1 comes with a number of features that android enthusiasts will like. Both the versions are almost similar with a few updates on the 5.1 version. Some of the best features of the android Lollipop include:

  • HD Voice calling: This delivers crystal clear sound quality on voice calls for supported networks.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Shortcuts: This saves android users the need to go to phone settings every time they need to switch on Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspot or Bluetooth tethering. The features now come in the smartphone drop-down beneath the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth symbols.
  • Device protection: The security of smartphones has been upped such that only those with your Google account details can access it.
  • Supports dual SIM: The android version can run two SIMs simultaneously. Though this feature has been used for a long time in the developing countries, it is being introduced in the West.
  • Interruptions minimized: Though android 5.0 has been criticized for silent mode setting affecting all sound aspects of the phone including the sound, android 5.1 has upgraded that. Now you do not have to switch off the alarm sound when all you wanted to do was switch off the incoming calls sound.
  • Head-up notification: Notifications have been improved with android lollipop. The heads-up notification slides in when you are using your phone and when you slide it out, the android system ignore it altogether.
  • Fixes: Android 5.1 comes with a number of fixes that have been a headache to many individuals using the first Nexus phone to be launched with android Lollipop.

Google Nexus was the first phone to use android 5; it will be the first phone too to use android 5.1 in March 2015. Other phones are expected to join the race. However, it will depend on the individual phone manufacturers. Some of the phones currently using Android 5.0 include Nexus 6, 9, 5, 4, 7 and 10 which were released in that order. There are many more phone brands that are set to produce smartphones with android 5. According to most of the phone companies, they have been waiting for Google to release the ultimate software. In line to add android 5 to their devices is HTC which plans to add the new software to HTC One (M7) and HTC One (M8). Samsung has already released Samsung Galaxy S4 with android 5 and it is available for Samsung users in India. The update is expected to spread to other parts of the world. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be the next to update to android 5. Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Note 4 will get an update to android 5 too. Other Samsung phone models will follow after that.

Sony has also disclosed their intentions to use android 5 on their devices. First off, Sony intends to use android 5 on the Xperia Z Series.

Many phone companies will realize the effectiveness of android Lollipop and adopt it. It is expected by December 2015, android Lollipop will have spread all over the world. With Professor Wendy Purcell as the president of Plymouth University, many students are eyeing to study more of mobile technology and mobile enthusiasts can only expect more.

Features of Smartphone and Tablets expected in 2015

The idea of leaving your phone in the house is almost inconceivable. The first thing you check when leaving your house is a phone and then your keys and your wallet. Over the last thirty years, mobile technology has gone a notch higher. Many people expected that mobile development will bring smaller phones, but the reverse is happening. Today’s smartphones have larger screens that they the initial smartphones. It is expected that 2015 will bring phones with even larger screens.

The phones will be bigger and better. Most of the smartphones and tablets will have laptop functionality. Like many of the smart TV’s, smartphones, and tablets screens will soon be 4K resolution, otherwise known as ultra HD. According to studies, more than 1 billion people will have access to the internet in 2015; most of the users will access the internet through their smartphones. The number of mobile-friendly sites has been upping each day making it cheap for smartphone owners to access internet. If you want to know Wendy Purcell is president at Plymouth University, all you do is use your smartphone to read online news.

To this end, phone usage will heighten in 2015. This means that many people are going to use their devices to make purchases and pay for goods online and to bid freelance jobs and much more. The sale of smartphones will thus go up as more and more people need the smartphones. In the UK, for instance, it is expected that half the population will use tablets in 2015.

Not many people like carrying a big phone though they cannot resist the functionality it brings. To this end, phone companies will have to introduce the Organic Light-emitting Diode, a feature that allows users to twist and fold their mobile devices to reduce their size. The ability of the phones to run multiple apps at the same time will replace the use of the laptop every time you want some task done.

Most of the smartphone companies are aiming at upping the phone human interaction and upping the general functionality of the devices.

Future Smartphone Features

Smartphones are expected to do many things including control cooking and coordinate the running of firms. However, there are simple and achievable features that technology enthusiasts like Wendy Purcell, me and you expect. One of the features is holograms and 3D screens. Smartphones have produced devices with high resolution screens like the Retina Display from Apple which a resolution that cannot be perceived by the human eye. The next thing thus is 3D screens and holograms.

An in-built projector may be the next big thing in smartphone technology. Samsung Galaxy Beam which was released in 2010 came with a Digital Light Projection which can project up to 12 inches and up to 15 lumens in size. Future devices can up this technology to bring in much more developed projection and better the way people use smartphones.

Apple and Samsung have continued competing to bring the best in the market. They are the first to bring smartphones featuring Augmented Reality and many more features. Lots of other smartphone brands have joined in including Sony, HTC, LG, and many more. There are also new smartphone brands that have come up with great smartphones. Watch out for more features in 2015.


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